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Τι νέο έφερε η iOS 11 beta 3; Hands-on [Video]


Η iOS 11 beta  έγινε διαθέσιμη για τους προγραμματιστές χθες και έτσι σήμερα έχουμε ένα hands on βίντεο με τις νέες προσθήκες που έφερε.

Σύμφωνα με το 9to5Mac:

  • Swipe up to close apps on iPad
  • App Switcher features less blurry background
  • New Multitasking refinements when adding second app
  • Add apps to folders in the Dock
  • Notification Center shows older notifications without needing swipe up gesture
  • Smart Invert improvements (album art in Music app no longer inverted)
  • Smaller Music app lyrics
  • Updated Weather app glyphs
  • New Siri Translations (English to: Spanish, German, French, and Italian)
  • iCloud Messages app sync counter
  • Spotlight Search results below search bar
  • Collapsed Safari View Controller 3D Touch previews
  • Many new TV Providers (i.e. Comcast Xfinity) however, not all support SSO yet
  • New OS X Server option in Files App
  • DropBox available as legacy document provider in Files app
  • Wi-Fi toggle disconnects from the current network
  • Bluetooth toggle does the same as Wi-Fi toggle
  • Tapping the now playing widget in Control Center takes you to corresponding app
  • Control Center Flashlight, Low Power, Timer active toggle tint changes
  • Change Control Center Timer and Flashlight with a single gesture
  • Now just tapping on Apple TV remote in Control Center opens it
  • New “Start Broadcast” verbiage in Screen Recording
  • Screen Recording banner is thinner on iPhone
  • Updated Cellular Data usage stats from carrier
  • Drag and drop available in Messages app
  • New Health app splash screen

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